ooooh, fancy

Developers use a shell all the time, so having a nice one makes a big difference. This is something I’ve seen over shoulders but not used myself until now. I’m enjoying this setup: it feels fancy.

Some highlights:

that white/yellow bar is where your humanity lives, and the red screen time bar is eating it

You’re spending it all on screens outside of work. Jump off the screens to get more discretionary time (unless you’re reading this at work).

This is a short post so that you can put down your screen fast. :)

As an engineer, the idea of taking a concept that’s so “squishy” and setting an intelligible guide rule is very appealing. It suddenly de-mystifies the thinking around when your product has hit its next life stage. 🤯

That’s near the end of this talk on potholes, but honestly, listen to the whole thing. It’s densely packed with insights that are relatable to engineers and relevant to SaaS.

Peter Brownlow

Software builder, people manager, technical deep-dive enthusiast

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